Kit One

Fits Chevy Camaro 1993-1997 LT-1 & Chevy Impala & Caprice LT-1 engines




Kit Two

Fits Chevy Corvette 1992-1996 LT-1 engines



KIT Three

Kit Three

Fits Chevy, GMC, H2, Escalade; 4.8, 5.3, 5.7 & 6.0 engines from 1999–2005



KIT Four

Kit Four

Fits small block / big block carbureted Chevy engines


Jet Technologies Superchargers and Kits











The Criteria of the T-5

  • Massive amounts of horsepower and torque in the broad rpm range, not just top end
  • Big enough to handle engines up to 500+ cubic inches
  • Low power consumption to operate
  • Easily maintained with external lubrication reservoir
    • Holds more oil than internally contained system
    • Relieves internal oil pressure, making it less likely to leak through the seals
    • Mounts on the fender well or firewall with easily accessible drain, making it convenient to change oil or check oil level
    • Lubrication is off-the-shelf synthetic gear oil available at any parts store
  • Simple to install & configure to most applications
  • Less stress on engine and drive train than screw or roots type superchargers


The result: A large supercharger that fits under the hood of most vehicles and does the job.

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